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Each performance is unique, since we have a Song List of over 200 songs from the 50's to Today.  

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STEFnROCK LOGO D'AARON 2014                                                                                                                                                       Make your Party or Special Event a success by booking a professional, fun and reliable duo! Full Band configuration available. Members-Stefani Savage & Rocky Jackson Current Location-Las Vegas Contact Info: Phone-702-480-0835

Las Vegas’ Got Talent Nominates for the month of April the phenomenal down-to-earth duo band STEFnROCK – Stefani Savage and Rocky Jackson. They are loved by their fans and fellow musicians. In both their public and private life they have demonstrated humility. Each performance is very unique. They have a Song List of over 200 songs from the 50’s to today. Through their extraordinary talent they entertain crowds of all ages all over our Vegas community. Visit their website to learn more about their music.

 I’ve been playing bass and recording with a broad range of great groups for over 50 years. STEFnROCK is the best sounding live duo I’ve played with as well as just being damn nice people.



I just have to say, it’s pretty cool when you cover a song and the original artist takes the time to watch the video and tell you what a great job you did. Thank you Janis Oliver !! You have no idea how much I appreciate that.

Janis Oliver  (Sweethearts of the Rodeo) … Oh my gosh!!!! What a fantastic version of “Midnight Girl”!!!! Great video, and great performance . I feel so honored!!! Xoxoxoxoxox thanks for sharing.


10469763_10152893697667249_4674743877578448899_nKathy Shelby Wolfe Biz     Stef & Rocky , always so pleasant to work with and the customers LOVE you

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