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Gary England

My Spotlight On STEFnROCK ..
Rocky Jackson .. A Master Musician, With A Deep Country Voice From The South That Will Melt Any Cowgirl’s Heart, And With The Stage Presence Of A Master Magician On Any Major Casino Showroom Stage
Stefani Savage .. With A Voice Of An Angel, But Watch Out Boys, Put A Guitar In Her Hands And A Harp In Her Lips, And She’ll Run Past Ann And Nancy Wilson From Heart, Or Any Other Female “A List” Musician From The Pop, Rock, Or Country World Of Music !
Together Rocky & Stefani Make Hard Driving, Sweet Love Songs, Rock N Roll Music That Makes Heads Turn !

Ofelia Berumen

Las Vegas’ Got Talent Nominates for the month of April the phenomenal down-to-earth duo band STEFnROCK – Stefani Savage and Rocky Jackson. They are loved by their fans and fellow musicians. In both their public and private life they have demonstrated humility. Each performance is very unique. They have a Song List of over 200 songs from the 50’s to today. Through their extraordinary talent they entertain crowds of all ages all over our Vegas community. Visit their website to learn more about their music. www.stefnrock.com

Janis Oliver

Oh my gosh!!!! What a fantastic version of “Midnight Girl”!!!! Great video, and great performance . I feel so honored!!! Xoxoxoxoxox thanks for sharing.

Stefani adds:

I just have to say, it’s pretty cool when you cover a song and the original artist takes the time to watch the video and tell you what a great job you did. Thank you Janis Oliver !! You have no idea how much I appreciate that.


Jerry LaFavor

You hear this girl? I mean are you really listening to her? This is as good as it gets!  This is also why I am so proud to play drums behind her every chance I get. I’ve played with some people you know, like ,The Righteous Brothers, Frankie Avalon, Dick Dale & The Del Tones & Larry Carlton. I get the same feeling when I play with Stefani and Rocky as I did when I played with all those other groups.  It is the same feeling , and they are that good.

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